Logo Design - the first step can be the most important

I worked on a job recently where the client wanted a sophisticated period look for their website. No problem, I thought - until I saw the logo. It was hot pink! This is just a little example that indicates the importance of ensuring that your logo reflects the current positioning of your brand. If this is not done then all sorts of subsequent d [...]

The Value of Social Networks

The name of the game today on the web is getting your name out there - as it always has been for marketing. It's important to populate the web with your name or business name . . . or both! Depending on whether your name is synonymous with your business name. I intend to share several articles relating to each individual social network tool [...]

Websites that work - yes, we all want one of those!

The difficult question is "What makes a website work?" There are actually three things that underpin a successful website: 1. Visibility in the marketplace. This can be divided into two categories: Online activities and offline activities. Online activities would include optimising pages around specifically chosen keywords, arrangin [...]

How do Google AdWords work?

Another simple and informative video from Google. This one discusses Google AdWords in nice and simple terms.  

How do Search Engines work?

Here is a nice and simple starter video from Google to help you understand the fundamentals of how search engines go about delivering results to people seaching for information.  

Thinking about video production for your business?

Video.  It’s the now form of communication, and it’s powerful. Being a part of the team at A Tractor Productions, a professional video production business in Melbourne, has given me an inside look at just how important this media is for communication between people, for informing people, and for operating in a market place. A l [...]

Is your website pulling its weight?

Your company website is another member of your sales team. If promoted correctly, thousands of potential and existing clients will view your website regularly. Is the information on your website convincing potential clients to purchase from you? The solution to converting web-based leads is often in the text formation. Many websites are weighed [...]

Are people really using mobiles to look at my website?

In a word - YES! Google recently revealed that Australians went from trailing  to leading the world in smartphone usage in the space of 12 months. The study, designed to discover how people were using their smartphones, included 30 countries. 2000 Australians were interviewed. Mobile Internet use of such things as social networking alr [...]

Let articles power your website

There are actually two distinctly different audiences you need to satisfy with your website: search engines and propsects . . . and unless you satisfy the first, you won't get the second :( The good news is that they both thrive on well written clearly focussed information. From the perspective of the Search Engines articles provide a ric [...]